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Both long-time residents of Lancaster County, Ann and Dave enjoy helping their guests discover Lancaster County and the surrounding areas.  Ann was a teacher for 25 years at The Londonderry School in Harrisburg before retiring to be a full-time innkeeper.  Her love of people, antiques, gardening and cooking, goes well with the duties of an innkeeper.  Dave, as well as, being an innkeeper, is the Director of Transportation for Lancaster County Planning Commission.  When not at his full-time job in Lancaster or busy helping with the upkeep of the Bed & Breakfast, Dave loves exploring the music scene in Lancaster and the many local craft breweries.  He is always happy to share the best places to go in Lancaster County.


Ann & Dave were both born and raised in Lancaster County.  After they were married and their daughter was born they moved to Harrisburg, PA.  They lived there ten years only to return to Lancaster County in 1990 where they settled in a house in Elizabethtown, that they lovingly restored as the Amanda Gish House Bed & Breakfast. When not busy with inn keeping, Ann & Dave love to spend time with their daughter & her family.  They have two grandchildren, Cali and Noah.


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