The Garden Room

Garden Room






The Garden Room is a large, airy room with a view through the bay window of the lovely gardens below.   It is decorated with period antiques and a floral comforter on the antique, queen-sized brass bed.  There is a table in the bay window for an intimate breakfast for two.  The Garden Room is a quiet and comfortable room; you will wake refreshed and relaxed.  The Garden Room’s large, luxurious, private bath has a two- person jetted tub, a separate shower and two pedestal sinks making this room a spa-like retreat.

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The French Room

French Room







Decorated in a French motif, including blue toile coverlet and toile covered pillows & drapes. The French Room is unique and appealing. It offers a queen-size bed and period antiques in the guest room and a jetted tub/shower combination in the hand stenciled private bath.  The French Room has a view of the large pine and Tulip Poplar trees at the front of the bed & breakfast and large pine trees along the side of the property.

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The Rose Room

Rose Room

The warm, cozy and inviting Rose Room offers a queen-sized bed, sink in the room with an adjacent private bath with a champagne bubble tub/shower combination.  The bed’s rose-covered comforter begs you to curl up and enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

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